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What Styl-Plus Need Is A Wizkid Or Davido Collab To Boom Again — Do You Agree?

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What Styl-Plus Need Is A Wizkid Or Davido Collab To Boom Again — Do You Agree?


The 2000s in Nigerian music is referred to as the golden era for a reason.
That was the period of the fusion of R&B and afro music at its finest, and boy, did we all fall in love.

In an era where solo artists thrived and made names for themselves under the umbrella of major labels, there was one group that stood out and that was Styl Plus.

Styl-Plus was the ultimate boy band. People who thought the Plantashun Boyz were cool definitely thought Styl-Plus were cooler and probably even better musically.

As a group, they made hit songs like “Olufunmi,” “Runaway” and were a sensation during their time. Obviously, their time has gone. And there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Or is there?

Some people seem to believe that a Styl-Plus revival will mean something to our industry today.

For instance, if the group was to come back now and do a song with an artist like WizKid or Davido, they might get some hype and actually regain some relevance, even if it isn’t for long. But is that exactly what will play out?

After all, this isn’t the first time a “legend” has tried to come back and do things. Most times, such legends don’t get to do all the things they thought would have been possible upon their return.

But some people still believe that Styl-Plus is a special one and the nostalgic effect they have on Nigerians can actually do something if they do decide to come back.

Personally, I don’t think it will work. But then again, who knows, right?

Well, what are your thoughts?


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