There are not enough words in the English language to qualify how good Brymo’s “Yellow” is. No cap.

It is common that popular alternative singer, Brymo is on a league of his own. There are hardly any musicians left worthy to be compared to this man. And this, is purely based on the quality of his work over the years.

This Underrated Brymo Album Is The Best Nigerian Album Ever — Do You Agree?

Starting from 2012, Brymo dropped the hit “Ara” and gave Ice Prince his first hit, “Oleku” in the same year. What followed is his debut album, “The Son of a Kapenta,” a brouhaha with Chocolate City and one of the most dramatic careers ever.

In all those years, Brymo dropped classic albums, did shows in Nigeria, got a cult following, and made a name for himself as one of the most original artists Nigeria has ever had.

He did all these while hardly making a hit single. He could do pop music (as evidenced by his first album), but after his sophomore, “Merchants, Dealers and Slaves,” the man was done with all that crap. He was over and done.

Brymo then carved a niche for himself, and made some of the best music ever made. All by himself.

So last year when his album, “Yellow” dropped, it wasn’t long before it became the soundtrack of the pandemic. Because it came at the right time, cuts like “Rara Rira” and “Adedotun” even became sleeper hits.

But “Yellow” wasn’t about the hit, no. It was about the sound. The purest sound there is in the music industry currently and a man who puts quality above anything else.

Yellow,” as a work of art, details the musings of its creator, about love, psychology, the African society and the black man. It is a masterpiece, and it is Brymo’s best work so far.

Another thing that is apparent is that albums from other artists that are worthy to be compared to Brymo’s “Yellow” are not yet in the making!