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Supersonicblaze blast the two SA while begging Governor udom for support towards entertainers in Akwaibom

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Supersonicblaze blast the two SA while begging Governor udom for support towards entertainers in Akwaibom.


In more than 5yrs, Akwa Ibom State has not produced any mainstream artist through any office. Now they have even split the SA into 2 and associations have sprung up left, right and centre. Adminstration is commendable but what about long term results? What about changing the narrative which was the actual reason for this structure? What is going on isn’t just plastic unity but a sign of disgruntledness caused by the quest for power and greed by every individual involved. The truth is, non of these groups or offices will help your creativity rather the constant bickering, jealousy and envy will put you in a state of confusion which deadens your inspiration.

It is not wrong to support the government of the day but if entertainers want to be taken seriously we should stop acting and dressing like political groups but rather we should gain recognition through our creative works. Administration is not a bad idea if it is well structured and focused. Groups can foster unity and progress. The 2 SAs can do more if they go back to the drawing board and evolve with the trends of today to bring profitable change to the industry. An industry that doesn’t generate revenue is not industrious.

Our governor is quite exposed and he knows entertainment is not about wearing t-shirts and caps. Elections are over, people should get their reward for the 10,000 March and other forms of support. What about the free interest loan that was promised? I believe our dear governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel would still keep his promise if there is a genuine push to remind him. It is very unethical to use people and not reward them. I know my state governor has high moral standards which makes him keep to his words. The world is changing and people are speaking up for what is right. Who would have believed people can protest against the police? Who have believed that reforms can be made in a short time? Let’s all understand that we are all looking for ways to project our careers and whoever is looking for political office should not take advantage of the fact the we entertainers are hungry. Entertainers should stop being a charity case!

To be honest, the Akwa Ibom Entertainment Industry is operating on an old template and this can be proven by the flyer designs being put out. We have alot of talented young people in this state who can compete genuinely with the mainstream industry but “they” won’t support them because “they” feel they know too much. The question is why would you be afraid of someone that knows alot? Don’t you want progress? Are you not sure of yourself? The fact that a few Entertainers are not educated doesn’t not mean we are all illiterates. Even the ones without formal education still have street knowledge.

  • Entertainers don’t need household appliances. Entertainers need platforms to showcase their talent while they earn a living.
    Entertainers need genuine support that can establish them.
    Entertainers need financial upliftment to promote their craft.
    Entertainers need recognition from media houses.
    The entertainment industry is not a political setting where you give out anything to your constituents.
    If you want to genuinely support entertainers, establish them to become independent.
    Project them to the world and like I always say, the talent and resources we have, can bring the world to Akwa Ibom State.
    So far alot of money has been pumped into the entertainment industry by the state government but we still don’t have up to 5 artistes in the mainstream industry.
    The ones that have mainstream prospects are pushed aside with one excuse or the other. The most common one is saying “they are not loyal”. What about the ones that are loyal?
    That money we use in paying mainstream artistes for events in Uyo can be used to develop local talents. If you pay an Akwa Ibom Artiste 2million naira twice, that artiste should be able to project his or herself on mainstream media.

We need talent development not talent hunts.
How can we be hunting for talents when we have so many talents roaming the streets? The money we have spent on talent hunts alone could actually raise 10 artistes to mainstream recognition but we are still here hustling for more talent hunts. Okay, if we want to do talent hunts can we do it for long term results? There was a talent hunt show that was hosted few years ago with government funding and till today we don’t even know the name of the winner. There are so many entertainers who have so much talent but no direction, no resources and no connections.

I’m saying what I’m saying from a place of love, no disrespect to whosoever feels offended. The truth is that the industry has to move forward and be taken seriously. We need genuine growth.

May God bless us all

Uwi 💚


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