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See Why The ‘Zazu Zeh’ Crooner Is Ungrateful And Might End His Career Himself

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See Why The ‘Zazu Zeh’ Crooner Is Ungrateful And Might End His Career Himself


recall that the latest street trending artiste, Portable who’s mostly known for his hit slang “Zazu” has blasted Poco Lee over a money issue

The sensational street artiste recounts how he was sprayed approximately $3,000 by Starboy Wizkid in a LiveSpot concert but he only received $600 of which the rest of the money went to Poco Lee’s pocket. Watch the Video here

He also emphasized the royalty of his song, insisting that Poco Lee has claimed his song which is expected to be Portable featuring Olamide and Poco Lee in this order (Portable Ft. Olamide x Poco Lee) but instead it was (Poco Lee Ft. Olamide x Portable).

Are you mad or something? Portable aggressively asked the superstar dancer, Poco Lee

Why Portable Is Ungrateful? (Base On Writer’s Perspective)

Poco Lee might have done wrong to claim the song and make it in order of ‘Poco Lee Ft. Olamide x Portable’, the fact is nobody knows you.

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With thorough research, it’s clear that the song has been in existence for years, if not for Poco Lee’s influence, will Portable get to this stage?

Portable can handle this in so many reasonable ways without attracting media attention but he just decided to show his inner street vibes. Unfortunately, this is not a good PR for neither of them.

This might dent the image of Poco Lee as many other young stars will be double check any offer coming from him but as for Portable, the grace of mingling with top stars from Poco Lee will limit or stop completely as he has shown the act of ungratefulness.

How are you even sure Wizkid actually sprayed up to $3k dollars? And if that is the case, what happened to confront Poco Lee in a one-on-one conversation and express your feelings to him? He might feel down on his action and add more money for you.

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Okay, he collected $3,000 and gave you $600, And so what? He’s indirectly your helper and deserves to be respected as a boss. Who’s responsible for your transportation and well being?? Are you the one covering your expenses? Flight money?

He should have overlooked the money and thought of other benefits that will come in from Poco Lee. You never be on the same stage with the likes of Burna Boy, Davido, Naira Marley and so many stars that Poco Lee usually associate himself with.

Is Portable Truly Ungrateful Or Is He Fighting For His Right?

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