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“Sars officers force me to transfer my last 130k to them at a gunpoint in warri” – Bigeli illustrate.
By on October 16th, 2020. News


“Sars officers force me to transfer my last 130k to them at a gunpoint in warri” – Bigeli illustrate.


Another portharcourt musician illustrate how sars officers force him to transfer his last saving to them at a gun point.

On the 27th of September 2019
This date I had my ugly experience with Nigeria SARS delta state sapele division,
Was retuning from Benin down to ph. Heading down to warri where I could take a straight boss down to PotHarcourt.on the highway they stop our vehicle, ask us to come down we did .they asked me to bring my phone I be like what’s the problem ,I got 2slap for asking this question. I began to explain that I’m also a security personnel that’s working in the night club, even told them my dad was a police officer,(Npolice inspector RIP dad and also a musician. They never see important in all I said they where just after my money They check my phone and saw my Account balance that was how they label me a cyber crime and fraudster. Before they took me to a place and uncompleted building they call a police station with sign post I was asking where am I so I give description to people I was calling they told to tell them I’m in the police station but never let me know my location wasn’t comfortable., So I ask what’s going to Happen now I need to keep my journey. The team controller demand I pay them 1million I shouted and asked if he wants to kill me where do I get such amount of money from not even in my balance. What I had was 1 hundred and 40 thousands. The team demand I give them 1hundred and 30 thousands out of the 140 in my balance. I be like you want why do u want to keep me stranded why .lass lass was a POS guy they called to the station where I was forced to pin my money out to them. And I was left stranded .God its Time #ReformbadGovernment #endinjustic #enpolicebrutality #Endsars #endbadgovernment

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