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Portable: A Peep Into The Fall Out Of Zazoo and Zehh.

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Portable: A Peep Into The Fall Out Of Zazoo and Zehh.

A few hours ago, rave of the moment and self acclaimed Werey Olorin, Portable, was sent packing from an hotel which was paid for by his promoter Kogbagidi after he ranted on Tiktok about dancer Poco lee ripping him off the dollar Wizkid sprayed on him at a show on Sunday.

In the first week of December, Poco Lee linked Portable with his Idol Olamide, and the YBNL boss delivered a verse on Zazoo Zehh. Ever since then, the song has been one of the major highlights of Detty December. With promotions by Quadri Taoreed better referred to as Kogbagidi who has worked with the likes of Davido, CDQ, Dammy Krane and others. The revered promoter already booked Portable for a Kenya and Qatar tour in January 2022 and also paid TG Omori to shoot a music video for the song, the video was shot yesterday.

Poco Lee who is known for linking his talented friends with their benefactors is at the middle of this upheaval. How does 3,000 dollars remain 600 dollars, you might ask?

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Was Tiktok the right avenue for settling matters, another school of thought ponders? Was sending him out of the hotel the right thing to do? These were some of the questions asked by the online community ever since the news broke out.

For an artist who made Sango Ota his resident and just blew up, 3000 dollars would always be huge, you don’t blame him if he asked for his money. Could he have been tactical with his strategy? Yes. A one on one encounter with Pocolee or Kogbagidi would have solved this problem rather than ranting on Tiktok.

When they got called up on stage at the Wizkid’s show at LiveSpot on Sunday, Poco Lee opened the floor with his hype, when it got to the turn of Portable on the song, Grammy winning artist Wizkid brought out a bunch of hundred dollars, sprayed it on Portable. Was its idea for Poco lee to stop dancing and turn to picker—excuse the pun, professionally that was a wrong approach to a craft. The money should have been left or better still, someone else should have picked it. Although, we live in a world where we rarely trust one another when it comes to money and bear in mind, this is the dollar.

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According to Poco Lee’s tweet, he claimed to have shared money. He could have been more diplomatic on that. How do you share what is not yours? Like Eldee the don would say, is it your money?

Beyond the money, Portable also referred to the song. He claimed Poco Lee’s name shouldn’t have come first. I think this was for marketability purposes. Also, Poco Lee had a hype like verse, his name should be on the artwork.

Portable is down but there are some life lessons encoded in this saga; the breakdown of trust, miscommunication and the lack of proper mentoring which a lot of artists have fallen into.

Will Portable settle his issue with Kogbagidi and Poco Lee? That’s is more likely, will the relationship ever remain the same? That remains to be seen.


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