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Popular Cross Dresser, James Brown “Gives His Life To Christ”

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Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, James Brown, has claimed to have given his life to Christ after going to hell, saying hell and hellfire are real.

Popular Cross Dresser, James Brown “Gives His Life To Christ”

Social media users are of the opinion that Brown is up to some antics and didn’t really have a hell-like experience as claimed.

The self-acclaimed princess of Africa had taken to social media to state that a recent sickbed experience has changed his life.

James Brown stated that he has been absent on social media due to the sickness, acknowledged the existence of hell.

According to him, he has forgiven anyone who has wronged him and all those he has wrong because moving forward he’s going to give his life to Christ after all that he went through on his sickbed, and he’s now a new being.

He said:-

”It’s been a while I do a talking video that’s because I wasn’t feeling fine. So basically yeah at that moment when I wasn’t feeling fine, I went to heaven and I came back and I feel like sharing my experience. From that I know that God really loves me.

So whoever I’ve offended or whoever offended me I have forgiven you. I’m not interested in fighting anybody. I mean there’s no gain in fighting because there’s hell and hellfire and moving forward I’ll be giving my life to Christ. I know it’s funny but I’m proud to give my life to Christ.”

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