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Nigerian Parents or Naira Marley, Who Is To Blame For the Impact of Koleyewon Viral Video Challenge On Kids?

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Nigerian Parents or Naira Marley, Who Is To Blame For the Impact of Koleyewon Viral Video Challenge On Kids?

We would all agree that there are some contents rated 🔞 (18+) and we can literally define what that means.

For the purpose of clarity, contents rated 18+ are media entertainment contents in films, televisions, and video games that persons below the age of 18 shouldn’t have direct access to.

They come with strict warnings that the consumption of such content by persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Contents like this have this rating because they depict sexually explicit activities or violence.

Additionally, this also applies to some venues that are not open to persons below the age.

All this must sound normal to us on this side because there are a lot of contents with this rating that have saturated everywhere we turn to.

Most of the street songs out there contain vulgar words, encourage violence and their videos do no less with nudity too either. Safe to say it has become a norm and nobody really gives two hoots about it.

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This is as a result of the level of exposure we have advanced to and nobody is willing not to be in the know.

We are also very familiar with and have accepted some Nigerian artists who sing purely uncensored songs boldly rated 18+. Nobody else comes to mind on this table before Naira Marley.


Tracks like ‘Opo to yi,’ ‘Idi Ore Mi,’ ‘Puta,’ ‘Ponmo,’ including other featured songs will make Naira Marley top this table and of course as the President of Marlians/No Mannaz gang. It is all spelt out.

The song of interest is “Koleyewon“ which he recently released and has a viral video challenge currently going on.

It raised concerns when the video of a 3 years old child participating in the challenge and twerking to the song surfaced online both on the little girl’s page and reposted on Naira’s page.

The video aroused both praises and disgust for being a very smart 3 years old kid with a large base of followers on Instagram while on the other hand for being too exposed and portrayed in a rather suggestive manner.

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An Instagram user who found the video disturbing made a point that Naira Marley has two daughters whom he has never shared any video of them vibing to his vulgar songs and remarked that the video in question is totally wrong!!!


There were further comments that things have gotten really bad in our generation and our morals have been hugely depleted so we are throwing it open:

Let’s hear from you👇


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