Maggy Bam & De-bams ft. Awomec Choirs – PSALM 30 + Lyrics ( prod by AY_mixx)

Maggy Bam & De-bams ft. Awomec Choirs- PSALM 30 ( prod by AY_mixx)

The year 2020 has been a great one for most Gospel music Ministers, despite the global pillage caused by COVID-19 pandemic, and now the #ENDSARS  protest outcome.
The impact of the lockdown and regular curfew has made most gospel music ministers focused on gospel music production.
This time, pastor Maggy Bam and De-Bams ft. Awomec Choir drops another powerful single titled: *Psalm 30*. According to Pastor Bam, Singing Psalms is spiritual and highly beneficial to those who sing it, because it is strictly God’s word. In other words, when the word of God dwells richly in anyone, such persons are well equipped for life and are always bigger than any situation that might emerge to weigh them down.
It is true that God has not given the church out to her foes, it is true that despite all we have gone through in 2020, God has lifted us above these situations. What more can we say? we cried unto the Lord and he has healed our soul.
We live to exalt him for all he has done and yet to do. Sing unto the Lord, oh ye Nigeria, Africa, Asia, America and the whole world, and give him thanks at the remembrance of his works and holy name.
This special song is produced for lovers of good music, choirs, and churches all over the world. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Psalm 30!

    VS1  I will extol thee oh Lord, for thou has lifted me up (2x).
    *solo And he.
    *All He has not (3x), made my foes to rejoice over my soul (RPT VS1).
  • *SOLO:* Oh Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou has heal and healeth my soul (2x).
    *DUET:* Oh Lord, thou has brought out my soul from the grave, thou has kept me Live that I should not go down to the pit.
    *TRIO:* Sing unto the Lord, oh ye saint of his, and give him thanks, at the remembrance of his holiness, sing unto the Lord.
  • SOLO 2:* For his anger endureth for a moment, and his favour is life
    *ALL:* weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning (RPT VS1)
    *VAMP:* Oh Lord my God, I’ll give thanks to thee, forever, and ever, and ever amen. (2x)
    *END:* Oh Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou has heal and healeth my soul (2x).


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