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Lady F!ghts Her Mother In Public For Dating Her Boyfriend

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Lady F!ghts Her Mother In Public For Dating Her Boyfriend



What drives an old woman to date the same person who has been dating her daughter is a significant question.


After a young lady got into a physical altercation with her own mother, who was out on a date with her boyfriend, an ugly incident ensued. Both persons were arrested and are expected to face charges as a result of the incident. The young lady is reported to have punched her mother in the face, injuring her.

Hodhan Abdullahi Abdikadir has been identified as the lady, while Fatuma Sirat Ghedi is supposed to be her mother. Hodhan took the law into her own hands as she warned her own mother that she was going to kidnap her sweetheart. Hodhan used to live with her mother, but after dating the guy for a while, she decided to move in with him because of her love for him, according to insiders. Fatuma is claimed to have invited Hodhan and his fiancé to dinner, which they accepted, but unfortunately for the lady, her mother fell in love with him the moment she saw him and had a covert sèxual affair with him on multiple occasions.

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One day, she saw them at a local nightclub in their area and suspected they were up to something, so she determined to check out what was actually going on. As they returned home to unwind and enjoy their company in the absence of the lady, she appeared out of nowhere and began berating her mother for snatching or engaging with her boyfriend while they had planned to marry, which the mother was aware of. Before the mother was able to rescue herself from her daughter’ s terrible beatings, strong community guys had to intervene and separate them.

Why would a mother have a crush on her own daughter’ s boyfriend and even sleep with him is a subject that has been raised.

Netizens also wondered why a woman would beat up her own mother, even if she had done something bad to your dignity.

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