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Don’t collect criticisms from people you wouldn’t run to for an advice – oxlade
By on September 20th, 2020. News

@oxladeofficial good evening boy ox, how are you feeling today?

I feel great today … I hope you good too

@oxladeofficial You are gradually becoming a young OG, how would you explain your journey as an artist so far?

It’s been filled with ups and downs but God has been good to me… I’m blessed with the best set of people to ever have around … and I’ve been pushing myself to be a better version of myself

@oxladeofficial you are doing amazing so far, can you just tell us briefly about yourself? Without the music, who is Oxlade really?

Oxlade is a very transparent person… 23 year old Nigerian …. Studied history and international relations at Lagos state University..since then I’ve been chasing my dreams …I’m sorta sensitive But also an Easy going guy…

@oxladeofficial for people who are not that familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

Soothing … Realistic….you could call it (spiritual)sometimes … I mostly sing about my life experiences so I feel great when people relate to my songs on a different Level …

speaking of realistic soothing sounds, which artists, Nigerian and international have influenced the sound you create?

A couple of em… There’s a long list … I learn everyday … I learn a thing or two from every single song I choose or decide to listen to… I’d say every one or majority of peeps know how big I am on Wande-coal ..

@oxladeofficial referencing your words “bad man just want to sing, bad man no get beef with anybody”, you have friends in the industry who have duly risen to great heights musically. Even though there is a strong friendship do you consider them rivals?

Oxy sees no one as rival… Why compete when I can just learn and get inspired by this same set of people ?…

we like that you back your words with actions, no beefyou have collaborated with a lot of artistes, which of them is your favourite?

I don’t think I have a favourite….tbvh….I put in the same energy into any and every song I ever sang

@oxladeofficial you put your energy into songs and we love it but speaking of collaborations, how would you describe your relationship with @Spaxclassic ? You both have really created magic together!

As an artist ….or creative … I think everyone needs a Spax in our lives … he’s a genius …. even tho it took me time to understand his kind of person … thank God I got him in my life we made a couple of solid songs and we got more for ya

@oxladeofficial The brand “Oxlade” is doing okay now and we are so proud of it, Your debut EP—OXYGENE. How did you feel about putting out that body of work?

I submitted a couple of songs …I think 26 song … and they chose the ones I made during the toughest times of my life ….the exact six… it’s either the whole A/R team Dey use jazz or they’re just so good at what they do….’m grateful…I didn’t expect the reception no lies … but it came out really great and I have more confidence in my craft now solely because of the success of this project

I challenge my self a lot …. I push myself … I always wanna outdo myself and I thank God that each and every single song I dropped has its own purpose and it’s own different ways at which it helps the people listening to it feel good …

@oxladeofficial Knowing your story, it was beautiful for us when you performed in London, could you describe the feeling of performing at a sold out O2 concert, alongside some of your idols

It was a defining moment for me as man, as a young kid from the streets of surulere…. boosted my faith in me…. the phrase “anything is possible “ made more sense to me

As the young OG you are now, what advice would you give to younger singers trying to break into the industry and make a name?

Don’t collect criticisms from people you wouldn’t run to for an advice …. Also the paparazzi is mad and very tempting…. but try to make sure you understand your craft… never get carried away with the slightest victories

@oxladeofficial Let’s come down to a current wave, DKT is doing amazing, what’s the story behind this beautiful track

Telling a story about my toxic past … Lyrics is self explanatory… Made the song in like 15 minutes… ddnt even remember making it(because it was a very nacked beat )when Spax played the new version guuyyy.. I was so happy then d team said its next

@oxladeofficial A bit outside music now, your sense of style is intensely profound. Is this a facet of your artistry you are heavily involved in?

The “oxy” brand isn’t solely about just music… There’s fashion …there’s acting ….there’s marketing… But as time goes on we’d know more things about “oxy”

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