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Criminals in police uniforms dishing out terror to the youths of the Nation – End SARS now!!!!

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The bitter truth is that SARS has killed more Nigerian youths than armed robbers. A good looking Nigeria youth dressed well is scared of his life while moving around. what a time to be a Nigerian, too bad!



SARS are the real criminals. The real terrorists . Criminals in police uniforms dishing out terror to the youths of the Nation. End SARS now!!!!


SARS brutality has become a day to day meal to the poor masses of this country and the Government are doing Nothing about it , they have destroyed many families by taken away their loved ones for no reason and noting is done , i think it’s right time the government

SARS go beat you collect your phone and money because of your appearance. Them go even shoot you die if you resist.

I even had a very crazy experience with my friend last week Thursday around Kubwa Abuja… This

men were driving their van inside this my friends street oooo when they saw me and my friend and stopped us and from their countenance and the way they were looking aimless


they obviously wanted to collect phone number but immediately we ignored them and started walking away one of them came down and started serious interrogation ooo He even asked us to open our bags….things could’ve turned out ugly if I didn’t calm my friend down

SARS; having dreadlocks is not a crime SARS; having tattoos is not a crime SARS; driving a ‘flashy’ is not a crime SARS; having a laptop is not a crime SARS; being tech savvy is not a crime SARS; using smartphone is not a crime



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