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CRABS IN A BASKET ~ Precious Ewa

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~ Precious Ewa
Give me space, I don’t cluster
Irony, a group despising each other
I don’t know hate, I know my lover
Blood families love less than foster
Genuine love has no verdict but trials
Hug not, if your smile says “guile”
Embrace, appreciate every unique style
Accept, hold a hand and walk the aisle
Sometimes, I sit and wonder
Why life is not really fair
People treat each other
Like they don’t really care
Sometimes, I stand and ponder
Why life is filled with fear
People treat you better
When there is grief to bare
Give away is not a sign they care
A trojan gift is always a snare
Selfish reasons put love in the air
Turn on your heart, be ready to pair
Fake love is always there to share
Support you, they wouldn’t dare
Goodwill is nothing they can spare
Still, they plot to take your only chair
Crabs in a basket
Let me tell you their racket
They try to bury you than the hatchet
Digging not for gold but to put a casket
If they cant have it why should you
You must not win while they loose
Your ego, they destroy rather than boost
This is the reason great men are just a few


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