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Burna boy doesn’t owe anyone a protest.
By on September 30th, 2020. News

Burna boy doesn’t owe anyone a protest. What he owes everyone is to spare us his righteous indignation that suggests he’s more pressed about Nigeria’s issues than the rest of us because he samples Fela. Fela could call us mumu cos he did the work, he was front and centre.
But every quarter, Burna, whose only contribution to societal issues is condescending remarks about how Nigerians are too stupid or lazy to fight for our rights wants to form Fela 2.0.
Fela did the damn work. He should do the work too or shut the entire fuck up.
You seem to forget that tuface wanted to organize a protest but was caution by the government and baba relaxed because if they accuse him of nosense and jail him, most population of Nigerian youth will just fell sorry for him, Fela wey drive go jam wall because of this country.

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