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By on September 26th, 2020. News
On this platform, I’ve watched how people criticize destructively rather than constructively. Few weeks ago, I released a song that trended Nationwide on Twitter for 24hrs(first time in the history of the Akwa Ibom Entertainment Industry).
A song that is being played on all radio stations in the state and many more outside the state. A song that is being appreciated by Akwa Ibomites in diaspora. A song that says to everybody “Afo Ado Ntanta Offiong” which means “you are a shining star”. Instead of applauding my efforts some unenlightened and disgruntled elements went about saying the song has no content. They even went as far as calling me a local champion and I accept because I’m an #AkwaIbomSuperstar who is enlightened and exposed enough not to be saddled by inferiority complex. The lyrics of my song #AkwaIbomSupertar are affirmations to the fact that we are all Superstars. It’s inspiring, motivating and the beat is very energizing.
As a Music Producer(not a sequencer) and administrator, I’ve produced and projected artistes with my goodwill, skill and experience to a noticeable and profitable level(One of those artistes even submitted the song I produced for Grammy nomination). I have done alot to propagate the entertainment industry in Akwa Ibom State and to add to this I titled my single #AkwaIbomSuperstar . I did this to rep my state, I did it to show the world that I’m proud of who I am, I did this to bring the world to Akwa Ibom because I feel “Akwa Ibom to the world” is a servitude mentality.The truth is, creatives (people) in Akwa Ibom don’t support each other because they feel if they don’t shine nobody else should. I wrote a poem about this “pull down” syndrome and titled it ‘Crabs In A Basket’ (You can read it on my wall).
On the 23rd of September, history was made in Akwa Ibom as our state logo and flag were unveiled to brand our identity as a rapidly developing state. The crabs came again to attack the designer of the logo

Krox Ukpe

by criticizing the lion head wearing a crown at the top of the logo. As we all know, a lion is a sign of strength and leadership. My question is; are we Akwa Ibomites afraid of assuming leadership positions or afraid of showing our productive strength? While I congratulate those creative designers, I also pray that God should bless whoever made it possible for their work to be recognized. Some people have ideas but some other people make sure they don’t see limelight. I pray that more creatives should be heard and seen as they indulge in projects that will bring glory to our dear state.

I want to affirm today, that I Precious Bassey Ewa aka Supersonic Blaze will bring the world to Akwa Ibom. That I will never be ashamed of my Identity. That I will do my possible best to support creatives who are devoid of mediocrity. That I will continue to put my state on the map. That I’m an #AkwaIbomSuperstar.
Congratulations to those young men that made history on the 23rd of September. May God bless you and continue to open doors for you.
You are true #AkwaIbomSuperstars

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